Arclight Scramble Six: Flag & Demolition Rally

Get more boom for your buck in this Arclight scenario suitable for veteran and novice players alike. First team to capture all of the flags in play wins. Teams race through an obstacle course in an attempt to hit six checkpoints and return home. Failing that, wipe-out other teams to prevent them from reaching home.

Needed components


All teams set up in the map center on the central hub, with ships pointing out. If seven teams are being used, the seventh team member starts in the center of the hub, and may choose facing.

Choose one flag zone per full half hour of game time, with a minimum of three flags. Set up the flags in each zone at least one movement phase away from the center hub. If you choose more flags than one per half hour, bring the bonus flags to within one turn of the center hub.

Flagships may carry one flag at a time. An exploding ship carrying a flag will drop it in the last hex occupied by the vessel.


A flagship may pick up a flag by:

Flags may be stolen from other players by blowing up their ships. Flags may be targeted after being dropped DS 12, ASV 5, ESV 5. Any hit on the Damage Index will remove the flag.

Flags may not be targeted


If time runs out, use the point system to determine the winner.

Flag zones choices

Radiation zone:

Nebula Zone:

Asteroid/Moon maze.

Moving Flag

Optional zones (these will add some complexity to the game)

Micro Meteors:


3D6 Low Range 3 (attacks on pilot 5) DS 11

3D8 ML Range 4 (attacks on pilot 7) DS 12

3D10 Range 5 (attacks on pilot 9) DS 13

Spark Nest:

Spark Stats move 8, damage 4D8, Damage highest. Helm 10, DS 12.


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