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A fast-paced ship-to-ship combat game. In addition to the one-die roll resolution system, you can build your own factions and ships. Everything you need to control the ship is on one page and everything to damage it is on another.



Close Encounters in Nearspace

The first supplement for Arclight details the amazing creatures found in space, the Barakun forces, and the handy dandy Arclight slider.


People, Places, and Things

A system neutral setting book that contains detailed descriptions of each location, including what impromptu weapons, pawnable goods, customers, and, of course, plot hooks. Also, each map can be printed out in full 1" battle mat scale so you can just print it out on your printer, tape it together, and start playing with it.


People, Places, and Things:Living in a Fantasy World

Simialr to People, Places, and Things, except with a fantasy twist this time. Same great detail on each location and same battlemat printing capability.


Wryneck's Wheelhouse: Mobile Home of Doom

This special project is a HackMaster module where all proceeds go directly to a military unit to assist them in purchasing equipment and additional training. Everyone who worked on this adventure donated their efforts, people like Erol Otus, the Fraim Brothers, David Reeder, Kent Clark, Doug Curtis, and ourselves. The adventure is everything you would expect from HackMaster.

Special thanks to Kenzer and Company for permission to do this project.


Background Noise

Chock full of tables, this book allows you to randomly develop your character's background. With million's of different combinations possible, this book allows you to breathe life into your cardboard characters. This book is system neutral and perfect for any fantasy roleplaying game.


100 Spaceship Traits

100 Spaceship Traits contains (you guessed it) 100 different traits that take a standard ship and gives it just the things to make it unique. All enteries are system neutral so it can be used with any science fiction game.


Zombie Apocalypse Scavange Tables

With 16 tables and over 850 items, this book quickly answers the question in your zombie game: what loot did we find?


100 Deathtraps

100 fiendish deathtraps designed to capture your characters and ultimately make them meet their end. All system neutral and the perfect cliffhanger for your game.


100 Fantasy Rumors

100 fantasy rumors that can be overheard anywhere, from the prototypical inn, the middle of the market, along the main road, or whispered among servants at the castle.

Board Game Log

Keep track of the board games you play with these handy forms.






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