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Arclight Factions

Initially Arclight contains four factions, however in July the faction creation rules will be uploaded to the website and everyone can build one to their specific tastes.


The Sol Protectorate - A large empire set out to protect humankind from any alien threat. Their rule is harsh at times but desperate times call for desperate measures and desperate actions. They have negotiated peace with Paq but are certain there will always be alien threats to protect against (even if they have to create a few to retain power).

The Spartan Worlds - Once a member of the Sol Protectorate, the Spartan Worlds rebelled and started a giant civil war. After years of battle, the Sol Protectorate simply pulled everything they had from the systems and left, plunging the rebel worlds into instant anarchy. Through the power of the Spartan Bank, the rebel colonies slowly stabilized and are once again becoming a power in the universe.

The Paq - Mysterious warrior-hunter alien race. They go from planet to planet hunting dangerous foes. Their fierce tribe-loyalty has caused many different Paq to scatter around the universe. If anything could ever unite them all, the galaxy would never be the same.

The Machines - Robotic attackers from an unknown source. Originally their ships simply flew through the galaxy collecting data. Then one day they started attacking...



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