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Second Rat Games Official Events

These are the events we ran at Origins 2005 in Columbus.

Arclight Events

Arclight Scramble Six: Flag & Demolition Rally
Get more boom for your buck in this Arclight scenario suitable for veteran novice players alike. First team to capture all of the flags in play wins. Six Teams race through an obstacle course in an attempt to hit six checkpoints and return home. Failing that, wipe-out other teams to prevent them from reaching home.

Arclight: The Karu Reef
The Belathon Karu. A Century Class explorer vessel disappeared after encountering a large interstellar mass that showed signs of inhabitation. The mission is now find the Karu, determine the nature of the interstellar mass and return with the Karu's sensor logs. Come battle giant space creatures in Arclight, the Explosive Spaceship Combat game in an Expanding Universe from 2nd Rat Games.

Arclight: Space Scavengers
Itís after the battle and the surviving pretty-boys in their nicely painted fighter craft have moved along. Now the fun begins. Scavengers, human, alien, and space-born, move in to feed ghoul-like on the floating wreckage of man and machine alike. Will you find a prize or join the dead in their silent waltz through space?

People, Places, and Things Events

People, Places, and Things: Blowing up the Strip Center - Feng Shui
Hong Kong, New York, London. All have powerful Feng Shui sites, so what is your team of Dragons doing in middle America, outside a strip center? Could there be something here worth fighting over? Are there really Thorns poised to take over Bronze and Beautiful? This one of only 2 Feng Shui events planned at the con.

People, Places, and Things: Shopping Day - Savage Worlds
It was just an ordinary shopping trip, you pulled into the strip center to grab something and now the place is overrun with... well you do not know what those things are. It is up to you and a handful of other shoppers to find where these creatures are coming from.

People, Places, and Things: Say, is that a tentacle? - Cthulhu Now
Sure it looks like a normal stip center, but you are certain there are cultists in there somewhere. You have managed to convince a handful of others that you are right and now you are all packed in the back of a van, waiting to save humanity from a fate worse than death. Part of CthulhuCon.


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