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Welcome to the Second Rat Games official web page.

As with all web pages, this will change and evolve over time, just like the Arclight Universe.

Board Game Log Book

New year, new product.


Board Game Log Book

Available at RPGNow

It is always fun to look back at games played in the past and see what happened. Maybe you want to trash talk, maybe you want to see who won the last time you played, or maybe you just need to remember what twelve games you played over the last two days at the convention.

The Board Game Log Book allows you to track:

  • The name of the game
  • When it was played
  • What your or the groupís overall rating of it was
  • Where you played
  • How long the game took
  • Who the players were
  • Which players were new
  • Who started the game
  • What the scores were
  • Who won
  • Any additional comments

Additionally, each one has a method for determining the start player of the game, 60 different ways in all.

So log those games played and use it to look back at the games youíve played, and also to track why that one guy in your group is always the Cylon in BSG.

100 Fantasy Rumors is here!

New year, new product.


100 Fantasy Rumors

Available at RPGNow

Bree Yark!

The rumor at the inn is a staple of fantasy role-playing, but coming up with rumors, especially on the fly can be challenging. 100 Fantasy Rumors contains (you guessed it)a table of 100 rumors that can be overheard anywhere, from the prototypical inn, the middle of the market, along the main road, or whispered among servants at the castle.

The rumors can be a fun distraction for the party celebrating their latest victory or the seeds for the next adventure. Enjoy.

So add some rumors to your next adventure. They are only a die roll away.

100 Deathtraps is here!

Amazingly, another new product.


100 Deathtraps

Available at RPGNow

Need a quick deathtrap for the heroes to fall into?

This product contains 100 feindish deathtraps for your to torment the players with. None kill instantly so those foolish heroes can contemplate how they got here.

Background Noise is now an iPhone App!

Background Noise iPhone app.

Fire up iTunes and search for Background Noise.

Now, you can create a background for your character with a push of a button on your iPhone/iTouch. Every table in Background Noise in the palm of your hand.

Zombie Apocalypse Scavange Tables have arrived!

A true sign of the apocalypse, a new product.


Zombie Apocalypse Scavange Tables

Available at RPGNow

Your players are running through town looking for supplies, what do they find?

Containing over 850 items spread across 16 tables, this book helps take the tedium out of a supply run and puts the focus where it belongs: how to keep the zombies back while you loot the gas station.

100 Spaceship Traits has arrived!

Once again we beat the odds and release a new product.


100 Spaceship Traits

Available at RPGNow

Turn that generic spaceship into something unique.

Not every spaceship is the same, especially once it has been through an owner or two. Mechanical quirks, customization options, and owner's whim all make changes to the ship so that what was once a stock vessel on the showroom floor now becomes a unique work of spacecraft.

100 Spaceship Traits contains (you guessed it) 100 different traits that take a standard ship and gives it just the things to make it unique. All enteries are system neutral so it can be used with any science fiction game.


Background Noise

Breathe life into your character

Available at RPGNow

Another product in our line of generic supplements, this one allows you to randomly generate a background for any fantasy character. By walking through a series of tables, you will determine:

  • Where the character grew up
  • Who he lived with
  • What his parents did
  • How many siblings he had
  • Any family legacy
  • Events in the character's childhood
  • Events in the character's adult life
  • The most significant personality traits of the character
  • and much much more...

With 40 tables and hundreds of options, there are millions of possible combinations, making sure that no two character's backgrounds are exactly alike.

So add some Background Noise to your character, he'll thank you for it.

Check out the demo here.

People, Places, and Things: Living in a Fantasy World is here!

A true sign of the Apocaplypse, Second Rat Games releases another product:

Available at RPGNow.

The blacksmith, the mill, and the motherhouse. It does not quite sound as smooth as butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, but there is a lot more adventure to be had here.

People, Places, and Things: Living in a fantasy world brings you 11 new maps complete with full backgrounds, descriptions, and enough plot hooks to keep you busy for quite a while.

In addition, each the book comes with each map scaled to a full 1" = 5' battlemap ready to print out on any standard printer.

Contained within are:

  • Charcoal Burners Encampment
  • Chirurgeon and Veterinarian
  • Glass Studio
  • The Old Well
  • Master Nicholas’ Pottery
  • Buzzard-Feaster’s Motherhouse
  • Iron Heads and Iron Men
  • The Swordsward Park Gazebo
  • The Blacksmith/Farrier
  • The Mill
  • Magda’s Arcane School House

Check out the demo here.

Minor (but important) update to the Arclight 1 sheet

Thanks to a helpful person on BoardgameGeek (thanks H3me) we have updated the 1 sheet to have skills and skill dice on them.

Downloadable Faction Creation

You can now download the faction creation rules if you'd rather not use the on-line ones.


Arclight: Close encounters in Nearspace is here!

It took longer than we thought but it is finally finished.

Available at RPGNow.

“…this is the Marika Karu. We’ve been attacked by some kind of … creature out in space … mayday … send help … heavily armed help.”

In the depths of space, strange creatures live. Some feed off passing starships while others live and feed of the fabled Karu Reef; a large semi-sentient biomass. The resources the Reef provides certainly makes the risk of being eaten by a giant Star Angel tempting. What about those reports of unknown ships patrolling the Barakun Nebula? Could they be true?

In this book for the Arclight system, you will find:

  • The history and rules for the Karu Reef<
  • Two reef-dwelling creatures
  • Four space-dwelling creatures
  • The mysterious Barakun
  • The mighty Barakun Tabor Shields
  • Six new ships from the Barakun fleet
  • The brand new slider for every faction in the game

So venture forth into the reef, what is the worst that could happen?

Well … yes, but maybe you will get lucky.

Check out the demo here.


Wryneck's Battlemat

You can now download a full-scale battlemat of Wryneck's Wheelhouse, completely free. Just our way of saying thanks for helping out the troops. Check out the Downloads page to get it.

Also we are still finishing up the next Arclight book, it should be an end of April release.

Project Status added

One thing we continue to struggle with is keeping people informed of the status of current projects. Being a small company it takes a lot of time for us to complete books, but we are getting better. To help us and our fans to keep track of upcoming projects, we've added a status bar to the website. At a glance you can see where we are with each project.

The statuses are:

If there is a project that you are interested in contributing to, drop us a line and we'll be happy to take a look at what you propose.

We're #1!

In October, we had the best selling product at the Edge on RPGNow.

Thanks to everyone who supported the troops!

Wryneck's Wheelhouse: Mobile Home of Doom

Available at RPGNow this special project is a HackMaster module where all proceeds go directly to a military unit to assist them in purchasing equipment and additional training. Everyone who worked on this adventure donated their efforts, people like Erol Otus, the Fraim Brothers, David Reeder, Kent Clark, Doug Curtis, and ourselves. The adventure is everything you would expect from HackMaster.

Special thanks to Kenzer and Company for permission to do this project.

You can see a few pages from the adventure here, so check it out and help support our troops.

Upcoming Things

A lot of things are coming up here at the old rat hole, such as:

1) The downloadble faction rules are compiled, now they just need to be laid out and then they will be available for free download. This is the same stuff that is found on-line, just in a more portable format. This was asked for on the forum and we love to fill requests.

2) We are finishing the layout of our latest product Wryneck's Wheelhouse: Mobile Home of Doom. This is a very special project for us. Basically all money received from this HackMaster module's sales go directly to a military unit to assist them in purchasing additional equipment and training. Everyone who has worked on this product has donated their efforts, including Erol Otus, Brendon and Brian Fraim, David Reeder, Kent Clark, Doug Curtis, and ourselves. It should be available in late August. Definitely check this out as it is a great product and a great cause.

3) While we will not be at GenCon this year, our product will. Be sure to visit the Red Shirt Games booth at Gencon and pick up a copy of Arclight or People, Places, and Things.

4) Speaking of Arclight, our next Arclight product will hopefully be available by the end of the month. This PDF-only product will add a new faction, plenty of deep space nasties, and our ultracool damage slider.


Free Dundjinni tiles now available

We've zipped up all of the Dundjinni tiles we created to make the maps in People, Places, and Things: You are Here and put them on our Download page. If you use Dundjinni, be sure to grab them.

The books are in and we are back from Origins

We are tired and sore but had a great time at Origins. We got some great buzz about People, Places, and Things: You are Here and the books arrived timely. So if you did not get one at Origins, hop over to the Order page and click the button. Also check out some in action pics.

People, Places, and Things: You are Here

A picture of PPT in Action:

It is here!

It took a little longer than we hoped but the final results are worth it.

You can view a sample here, or pick up the whole thing at RPGNow.

We have Cthulhu Now, Savage Worlds, and Feng Shui scenarios planned for Origins using maps from the book, plus we'll have printed copies for sale there.


New Downloads Posted

In preparation for People, Places, and Things, we are giving away the art we created for the maps. This art is perfect for use in Dundjinni. Check out the new Downloads page for more info.

Scramble Six scenario posted

This was our intro scenario we ran at Origins and is a blast to play. Check it out.

Arclight FAQ is up

We've added a FAQ to the Arclight page. These are questions that were answered in the forums but are combined for easy viewing.

Faction creation now on-line

You can now build your own factions to add to the Arclight universe. Check it out here.

Arclight on sale at RPGNow

Arclight can now be purchased through RPGNow, if you prefer a direct download.

Back from Origins

We survived Origins and had a great debut. Thanks to all the players who played in one of our games and an extra thanks to all of you who picked up a copy.

Arclight is now available on our website and at RPGNow.

Free stuff!

We have PDF demos of our first two products for your downloading pleasure:

So enjoy these freebies and let us know what you think in our forums.

All call

We are looking for all kinds of contributors these days: artist, authors, designers, event corordinators, and of course, fans. Check out our Guidelines page and forums to see some of what we are looking for.


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